IKO ABASI | Indoctorinated Sat July 30th, 2016

IKO ABASI | Indoctorinated

The launch event for the budding manga series and artwork from the artist: Eddie Ukoeninn. A manga titled Iko-Abasi, which translated in english means: scripture. 

Prints and booklets will be for sale and price marked at the show. There is a 5 dollar cover for the show to cover for the space as well as a 5 dollar cover for the afterset to cover drinks. There will be plenty of top shelf champagne and wine to go around. (if you byob to the afterset... negotiations can be made).

Attire is classy not flashy. Upscale, business casual, button up shirts, dresses, etc. There will be music and hopefully a projector playing some of anime/manga's finest works. Bring your friends, bring their friends, enjoy a night of music, art and dance from one of this generations most niche artists.


5 dollar entry + print. 
for afterset: 5 dollars (10 if not marked from artshow)